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Cowboy Fitness Cuisine

(830) 796-9339

A fundamental tenet in our fitness program is that weight management and healthy living is as much about eating as it is exercising and halting bad habits.  You will learn how low-calorie, low-salt, and low-cholesterol meals can be just as memorable and flavorful as their unhealthy, fatty counterparts.  Our guests are served delicious meals that please the pallette and satisfy your cravings.

Every meal is prepared with the healthiest ingredients and a perfect balance of flavorful seasonings, so they are as rich in taste and texture as meals that carry far more calories and fat. We've even mastered the culinary art of serving desserts that are remarkably low in calories but taste so good you might actually feel a pang of guilt while eating them. Contact us for details or if you have questions about fitness menus. 

Download our sample weekly menu to find out more!

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