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The Rancho Cortez Cowboy Fitness Ranch

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What do we offer? Rancho Cortez Fitness is different in many ways than other fitness ranches or adult weight loss camps you might be considering. Most importantly-we are located on a real dude ranch with real cowboys.

Practical, affordable, and results oriented. The focus is on exercise, eating right, getting healthy, and learning new ways to think and live. We are not an expensive foo-foo spa. Our reasonably-priced practical approach does NOT include spa services-to save YOU money. People come to our cowboy fitness ranch to work hard and get results, and we help you every step of the way. We are also not an army boot camp. We will push you, but you are expected to take responsibility for achieving the results you want. (But we do periodically offer a two-week Cowboy Boot Camp for those who want more strenuous workouts.)

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    Beautiful Texas Cowboy Hill Country. We're located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, about an hour from San Antonio, the Alamo and the Riverwalk. This is where the real cowboys lived and worked. The cowboy fitness ranch is co-located with the Dude Ranch, allowing you to taste the Cowboy lifestyle including horseback trail rides, hay rides, helping feed the longhorn cattle, and campfires under the Texas stars.

    Wide Variety. Rancho Cortez Cowboy Fitness Ranch is for you if you want a fitness based vacation that focuses on outdoor activities such as hiking and horseback riding, along with a wide variety of classes in the gym, with a special emphasis on strength training and water aerobics. Take a look at the current week's schedule. Not in the best of shape? Don't worry-we set up YOUR schedule to match YOUR fitness level.

    Focus on Long Term Improvement. We would love for you move here, but we know that's not practical. You need to take what you learn here and apply it to your daily life, so our program includes information on nutrition and healthy cooking; setting up an exercise program, motivation, and behavior modification.

    Change Your Thinking. What goes on inside your head is just as important to losing weight and getting fit as exercise and what you eat. We offer weekly hypnotherapy (self-hypnosis), healthy living sessions (how do I take this home with me?), and provide access to a licensed counselor. We believe that stress reduction is an important part of life, so we offer yoga, pilates and massage therapy. The peaceful and quiet Texas Hill Country setting allows you the time and space to plan all those sensible changes you know you need to make in your life.

    Come Stay with Us. The Rancho Cortez Cowboy Fitness Ranch - or Fitness Holiday, Weight Loss Holiday, Adult Fat Camp, Fitness Ranch, Residential Weight Loss program, or whatever you call it - is practical, down-to-earth, challenging, fun, reasonably priced - and, most importantly, successful. Come alone or bring along family members, friends, or co-workers. Questions? Click here.Check out our current rates.

    Packing List. Our environment may be different from yours, so make sure you bring the things on our packing list.

    Contact us today or just call (830) 796-9339.