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Cowboy Fitness

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    The Rancho Cortez Fitness Ranch is based on three core principles designed to boost dedication to success and produce long-term weight and health transformation.

    • Move Your Body
    • Fuel Your Body
    • De-Stress Your Body

    Move Your Body

    Each of our program participants is challenged to make the best-possible use of the Rancho Cortez blend of workout classes and outdoor ranch activities to push their bodies and their overall health to new levels. It starts outside with hiking, cowboy bootcamp and obstacle course. Then into the gym for:

    • Strength Training
    • Circuit training
    • Pilates & Yoga
    • Core Strength
    • Abs
    • Body Flow & Stretching

    In addition, our heated indoor pool is used year-round for water aerobics and exercise, and hike/bike (Bicycle not provided, BRING YOUR BIKE!) trails and horseback rides await those who want more outdoor adventure.

    Fuel Your Body

    Nutrition is such an important part of a healthy lifestyle. It's extremely difficult to maintain the proper balance with the hectic days most of us have. Not only must you eat "healthy" food, but portion control has to be maintained-an almost impossible mix with the abundance of fast food restaurants, and the giant portion sizes routinely given at almost all eating establishments.

    We bring these concepts of nutritious food in proper portion size to our guests with meals prepared under the guidance of a registered dietician, cooking demos, and classes designed to allow you to take this information home with you. Everything at Rancho Cortez is done with the goal of improving your health when you leave.

    De-Stress Your Body

    At the end of the day, we encourage our guests to balance their hard work by relaxing and recovering using our facilities and the natural surroundings. You can lounge by our outdoor pool and hot tub, indulge in an on-site massage, or simply wind down in the private Fitness Lounge. Alternatively, you can explore the adjoining Hill Country State Natural Area, float the Medina River, or take a quick trip into San Antonio, Bandera, or other Texas Hill Country towns. Rewarding yourself with positive experiences is the best way to motivate you to get back in the gym the next day.

    We believe that the best results will be achieved if you're having fun while exercising and working hard, so we maintain an entertaining environment and encourage program participants to enjoy the ranch and its surroundings. Many of our activities are designed to keep you as engaged emotionally and mentally as they are physically, from one-on-one fitness training, to cooking classes, to horseback yoga. Moreover, the ranch and the surrounding Texas countryside are the best-possible places to relax and appreciate the hard work and results that you expect.

    What are the typical fitness retreat activities?

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