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Fitness Program

    Lose weight. Get healthy. Have fun.

    Call us whatever you want weight loss spa, biggest loser ranch, boot camp, fitness retreat, fat farm, fitness vacation, adult weight loss camp at the end of the day, we help you lose weight and get in shape. We promise that when you leave, you'll love your new self (even though there'll be less of you)!

    In addition to getting fit and losing weight, we promise something extra at the Hill Country Health and Fitness Center at Rancho Cortez. With this fitness program, you’re guaranteed an authentic Texas ranch experience, complete with horseback riding options and lots of fun.

    Spend your days hiking, strength training, kick-boxing, doing water aerobics, trying other fitness activities and eating meals set up by a registered dietician. And of course there’s plenty of time to relax, as well!

    You’ll get the results you deserve with our fitness program’s focus on:

    • Balance
    • Accountability
    • Fun


    Our great success rate is due to the loyalty of our experienced fitness instructors and our fitness guests’ dedication to their own improvement. This isn’t a program that you leave behind at the ranch this is a new way of living. You will leave fitter, happier and leaner than when you arrived, and with the motivation and tools to continue your journey to better health.

    We also believe in the just-right balance of hard work and recovery time. And we think they should both be fun! An escape from dull mainstream gyms, the Hill Country Health and Fitness Center at Rancho Cortez is the ideal destination if you want to mix up your routine with something new and different. You’ll have the chance to:

    • Go hiking
    • Start weight training
    • Work out with water aerobics
    • Learn to ride a horse
    • Indulge in an optional, on-site massage
    • Try new classes

    Our new air-conditioned gym and large indoor pool (which is heated in the fall and winter months!) are perfect additions to our great outdoor setting. The balance of beautiful nature with state-of-the-art indoor facilities gives you the best of both worlds throughout the day. At Rancho Cortez, we encourage you to work out as much as you are able – and to give it your all. Of course we also encourage you to rest when physically tired, to give yourself the chance to recover and grow stronger. After your hard work with fitness activities, it’s time to:

    • Relax in our hot tub
    • Lounge by the outdoor pool
    • Indulge in an on-site massage
    • Take a leisurely walk
    • Enjoy down-time in the private Fitness Lounge
    • Take a sight-seeing trip into San Antonio, Bandera, and many of the other quaint Hill Country towns
    • Float down the Medina River
    • Watch the sunset from your porch


    At Rancho Cortez, you can count on scientific weight loss in a fun ranch setting. Be assured that our program is physician-approved. All classes, techniques, menus, dietary guidelines and suggested heart rate ranges are established per guidelines set up by The Cooper Institute. Owner, Mary Cortez is also certified through The Cooper Institute.

    On Day One you will be weighed, measured and your fitness level will be tested. Weekly weigh-ins help monitor your progress and increase accountability. For our longer-term guests, monthly re-measuring and retesting keep participants on track.

    During your stay you’ll have the opportunity to:

    • Work out on your own
    • Join others in guided hikes and classes every day
    • Try new healthy foods
    • Make any needed changes in eating habits
    • Determine ways to continue your healthy lifestyle at home

    Our daily fitness schedule will also help maintain accountability so you can reach your goals. Check out this week's daily workout schedule

    At the Hill Country Health and Fitness Center at Rancho Cortez, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your body will respond. You will be thrilled to see that you CAN do it. Make it your goal to be our biggest loser!

    Ready to take it up another notch? Many of our fitness guests return regularly to Rancho Cortez — monthly, quarterly, or yearly — for a tune-up and check-in. With this level of accountability, you are sure to maintain your amazing results!


    We understand that you’ll achieve the best results when you’re having a good time! You’ll work out, stimulate your mind, relax your body, and have fun at the Hill Country Health and Fitness Center at Rancho Cortez.

    Have you ever:

    • Experienced yoga on horseback?
    • Taken long hikes along the San Antonio Mission Trail or the nearby untouched nature preserve?
    • Watched the sunset in the Texas Hill Country?
    • Played water aerobics games?
    • Taken a cooking class?
    • Received one-on-one help with fitness balls or free weights?
    • Visited the "Cowboy Capital of the World"?
    • Tried kickboxing or an obstacle course?
    • Laughed with new friends under the Texas sky?

    You'll have the chance to do all of this and more at Rancho Cortez!

    You'll also have fun:

    • Enjoying a change of pace at a great Dude Ranch
    • Soaking in some of the most gorgeous scenery around
    • Getting to know a horse
    • Taking time out for yourself
    • Appreciating the "new you" the ultimate fun!

    Lose Weight. Get Healthy. Have Fun. For the Rest of Your Life!