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Fitness Ranch Weight Loss Testimonials

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Here are what some of our fitness guests had to say:

"Rancho Cortez is a hidden gem of the weight-loss industry, a real diamond in the rough. And that’s exactly why it works: no frou-frou, no pampering, no silliness – just practical real world knowledge about how to get fit, lose weight, and keep it off.

    We lost 100 pounds (!) as a couple, 70 of it during a two-month stay and – here’s the impressive part – 30 more pounds since we left. We credit this success to the pragmatic and balanced philosophy of Rancho Cortez.
    The fitness routines involve long hikes through the beautiful Texas Hill Country —manageable but challenging—and a variety of strength, conditioning and aerobic training from very good, professional trainers. The dietary regime included good, everyday ranch food, supplemented by nutrition classes and cooking demos that emphasized real world, practical advice. All this was aimed at teaching us to keep our success going out in the real world.
    It’s been three months since we left Rancho Cortez, and we have reached our lifetime weight goals, and are continuing a lifestyle that involves daily exercise and pragmatic balance in the eating department: we just had a huge Thanksgiving feast with family and friends – no guilt and no loss of control. We feel great, people tell us we look great, and we owe it all to a lot of hard work on our part, guided by the good folks at Rancho Cortez.
    We are looking forward to the New Year without having weight loss on our resolution plate."
    -Leslie and Steve, Chicago

    "I want to say THANK YOU to everyone at Rancho Cortez, especially Larry, Mary and Paul.  Everything was simply amazing.  I plan on making it a yearly trip for as long as I can.  I learned so much about fitness and nutrition. I arrived home and had 3 days at home before this trip.  In those 3 days I lost an additional 3 pounds, which is a total of 11 in the last 14 days. I especially love the hikes.  Lastly, I had the great pleasure of meeting Tonya, Sharon, Karen, Esteban and Lanie, who became our core group.  Fantastic people who with their friendship and caring made it a great week.  Again, Mary and Larry thank you.  All my best and I hope God willing to see you guys next year.  (Just hear me saying that in a New York accent).  You all helped me extend my life with my children which ultimately is the most important thing in the world."

    "Starting at 280 lbs., what I learned from 11 weeks at Rancho Cortez is that only changing your lifestyle works. Exercising and eating sensibly is now a way of life for me. I have been doing it for almost five months now, and it has succeeded beyond my most optimistic expectations. I’m sure there must be other places in the country that are good, but my experience at Rancho Cortez absolutely changed my life. I would recommend it without reservation to anyone who wants to get into shape – and stay in shape."
    -Tom, Age 60

      “…  I have been home from Rancho Cortez for a little more than nine weeks.  I have eaten 1,500 calories or less every single day, and there have been only three days in all that time that I haven't walked, usually 5-6 miles.  I weighed 177 pounds this morning, 39 pounds less than I did when I left Texas.  Thank you so much for everything.” More
      -Michael, Age 60

      "In June of last year, I was at my lowest point. I could not walk up the stairs without feeling winded, so I knew something had to be done if I wanted to be healthy again. I started walking and playing golf; it helped, but not enough. As fate would have it, while deciding what to do with the few days before school started, I found the Rancho Cortez website. The time at RC has given me direction and motivation. Since August, I have lost over 60 pounds. The staff there is amazing, and they care about not only helping you lose weight but your well-being. I plan on coming back in the summer."
      -Anthony Y

      "It was so invigorating. I hiked, jogged, kickboxed, lifted weights, rode horses, did water aerobics, tubed in the river, and more. What a great action-packed week. I slept like a baby, too. I'm almost 50, and I feel more fit and tight than ever before, and I had a fantastic time. This really prepared me for the Three-Day Breast Cancer Walk."
      -Denise, Age 49

      "I actually fell in love with Texas, a 180-degree turnaround from my previous feelings about the state. For the first time, I understand why people from Texas think that they are from a very special place. I learned so much at Rancho Cortez about how I need to live the rest of my life, and the best part of it all is that I was able to take what I learned and transfer it to my life back at home."

      "My body changed dramatically. I now have more muscle tone and definition than I've ever had. But the best part is that I had a blast doing it."
      -Melissa, Age 41

      "Every day I see at least one person who doesn't recognize me. I see my trainer three times a week, walk 4-8 miles each day, and do a spin class every other day. I am working out more than working. That's a good thing. I really miss you all. Thank you."
      -Rick, Age 36

      "I've bought some books, read them daily, and have started small changes in the kitchen and in what I cook. Slowly, things are changing and I owe lots of it to your ranch, where I got my kick start. So here I am, healthier, slowly turning my life around, about to start a fabulous job (with a strong probability of being uninterruptedly employed until my retirement - 7 more years) and about to jump into a solid gym routine as part of my weekly routine. What a change-I also don't recognize myself. Thank you."
      -Joyce, Age 59

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