What Skills Do Kids Develop in Summer Equestrian Camps?

Equestrian camps bring thousands of kids together each summer to build their knowledge and appreciation for horses and the horse riding experience. If you’re planning on enrolling your child in a Texas equestrian camp this summer, you might be evaluating the camp options and considering the skills kids develop when they attend a local camp. The team of experienced equestrians

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Barrel racing camp in Bandera, TX

A Guide to Our Girls’ Barrel Racing Camps

As a parent, you’re looking for summer camps that inspire your child and help them develop the physical skills and confidence to take on life’s challenges. Barrel racing camps are becoming one of the most popular summer horse riding camps for Texas families, and we thought we’d take the opportunity to explain barrel racing, the value of the camp experience,

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Horseriding on a Texas corporate retreat

Learn How to Drive Team Performance When Planning Texas Corporate Retreats

Memorable corporate retreats strengthen the bonds between your team members, combining goal-orientated activities with time for relaxation. Ensuring the ideal event experience for your team begins in the initial planning phases. Let’s explore the corporate retreat planning process and explain the value the right corporate event venue can bring to your team’s performance for years to come. Set Clear Objectives

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Visitor on a dude ranch workout in San Antonio

Preparing for Your San Antonio Dude Ranch Workout Program

Dude ranch workouts bring you closer to nature and help you reconnect to your mind and body. Achieving your ideal result from your upcoming ranch workout experience involves pinpoint preparation and planning.  Here at Rancho Cortez, our fitness instructors help visitors across the globe and from all walks of life enjoy their ultimate workout experience. Let’s explore our team’s tips

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Fitness retreat guests enjoy a class at Rancho Cortez

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Fitness Retreat

Whether your goal is losing weight or building muscle, fitness retreats are the perfect setting to rediscover your passion for personal health and refocus your mind toward meeting your goals. Our team at Rancho Cortez helps visitors from around the world and from all walks of life discover their fitness potential at our Bandera, TX ranch.  Our work welcoming thousands

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Woman in pink enjoying fitness programs in San Antonio.

A Guide to Selecting Local Fitness Programs

By working on your health and fitness, you can transform everyday life. We know the unique value fitness programs can have for experienced trainers and those new to working out. Starting and selecting the right fitness program is one of the most common roadblocks. So, to help you overcome this obstacle and make significant progress in improving your health, we’re

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