A Guide to Our Girls’ Barrel Racing Camps

Barrel racing camp in Bandera, TX

As a parent, you’re looking for summer camps that inspire your child and help them develop the physical skills and confidence to take on life’s challenges. Barrel racing camps are becoming one of the most popular summer horse riding camps for Texas families, and we thought we’d take the opportunity to explain barrel racing, the value of the camp experience, and the unique experience we offer here at Rancho Cortez.

What is Barrel Racing?

Barrel racing is an equestrian event in which a horse and rider must navigate a cloverleaf riding pattern around three barrels as quickly as possible. Barrel racers compete at professional rodeos throughout Texas, racing horses that are hand-chosen for their quick turn of speed and their ability to decelerate safely on the course.

What are the Health Benefits of Barrel Racing for GIrls?

Like all horse riding camps, barrel racing offers distinct long-term health and developmental benefits for children. Girls will build on the following skill sets as part of their barrel racing camp:

Coordination and Flexibility

Barrel racing requires careful balance and coordination to respond to the speed of the horse’s movements. Children will discover how to adjust their bodies as the horse races and align their bodies on the saddle as the horse travels around the barrels.

Physical Endurance

Controlling the horse and moving in lock-step with turns helped riders develop their physical endurance. Barrel racing camps build up children’s stamina for racing by slowing and safely increasing the distance and speed of their riding. 

Social Interaction with Other Equestrians

Local barrel racing camps allow kids to learn racing alongside others interested in equestrian sports. Children can build on their social skills while making lasting friendships during the camp.


The pace at which barrel racing horses travel requires riders to think proactively at the moment and improve their problem-solving skills as they ride. Barrel racers must make continual adjustments as they ride, using their brain to analyze the course, the horse, and how to position their body for optimal riding speed. Young riders build exceptional problem-solving skills that can then help them as they compete in other sports and take on challenges at school.

The Benefits of the Rancho Cortez Barrel Racing Camp

Rancho Cortez’s barrel racing camp is renowned for the experience of our young campers, who often return year after year to build on their connection with the horses and their barrel racing skill. When you book your daughter on our barrel racing camp, they’ll benefit from:

Learning How to Saddle and Care for the Horses

We teach young riders each element of barrel racing from the very first pre-racing step: preparing your horse for the ride. Kids learn the methods behind safely saddling the horse and discover the techniques for caring for their horse from experienced instructors. Throughout our 1-week barrel racing camp, children will learn the privileges and responsibilities of a barrel racer. 

Building Their Knowledge and Skill with Trained Instructors

Our instructors at Rancho Cortez have years of barrel racing and training experience. They help young riders begin with the basics of barrel racing and develop their confidence and competency until they’re ready to compete in their first barrel racing competition. Our approach involves first instilling riders with the knowledge and then teaching them the hands-on skills while riding together. 

Chance to Highlight Racing Skills at a Rodeo Competition

The rodeo at the end of our barrel racing camp is the campers’ chance to impress friends and family with the skills they’ve learned during the week. After practicing their barrel racing twice a day throughout the week and enjoying mini competitions against one another, campers complete the one-week camp with their inaugural live event at a local rodeo venue. This represents the chance to make treasured memories for riders and families as they navigate the course with a live crowd cheering them on.

Get Set for a Week of Fun and Adventure with Barrel Racing at Rancho Cortez

Our five-star rated barrel racing camp brings kids from across Texas together to enjoy one week of fun, skill development, and memory-making alongside the region’s leading barrel racing instructors. To avoid disappointment, book a spot on our 2024 camps as soon as possible by confirming online or contacting our team via (830) 796-9339 to confirm.

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