Questions to Ask When Choosing a Fitness Retreat

Fitness retreat guests enjoy a class at Rancho Cortez

Whether your goal is losing weight or building muscle, fitness retreats are the perfect setting to rediscover your passion for personal health and refocus your mind toward meeting your goals. Our team at Rancho Cortez helps visitors from around the world and from all walks of life discover their fitness potential at our Bandera, TX ranch. 

Our work welcoming thousands of fitness enthusiasts each year to the ranch has helped us develop a clear connection with the fitness community. Within this latest post, we’ll explain the questions to consider when choosing a fitness retreat.

What Does a Day at Your Retreat Look Like?

When evaluating fitness retreats, consider your daily schedule of activities and whether these activities match your lifestyle and fitness goals. For example, the best fitness retreats introduce you to exercises and training plans that will help you reach your goals but also help you explore a new part of the country. 

Consider the daily schedule of events and ensure a balance between outdoor and indoor activities, as well as between high-intensity workouts and muscle relaxation.

Before finalizing your choice, consider the type of getaway you prefer. You might discover the best option is a trip where you can blend mindfulness activities, such as yoga, with high-energy training, such as obstacle courses and horse riding.

What Is the Experience of Your Team?

The experience of the fitness team on the retreat can make all the difference in the types of results you’ll achieve. 

Discuss their past work in the fitness industry and their roles in supporting guests to the retreat. When selecting a fitness retreat, consider how much time you’ll be spending with the fitness experts and whether you’ll have the opportunity to get hands-on guidance and one-on-one training time to reach your objectives.

What’s the Best Time of Year for the Trip?

Research the type of activities the fitness retreat offers year-round. You may find they offer a specific activity, like fitness classes, only during the summer. When you’re booking your trip, consider how the schedule changes with the calendar and then plan your visit for the time in the year when your favorite activities return.

If you have the time in your schedule, you might plan both a summer and a winter visit to the retreat to ensure you get the full benefit of their year-round fitness programming

What Do Other Visitors Say About the Retreat?

Reading the experiences of others is one of the best ways to learn what you can expect when you visit the fitness retreat. Take the time to explore the various reviews via their online profiles. Reading several reviews will give you an insight into the activities others liked best. 

What is the Optimal Length of Stay for My Fitness Goals?

The duration of your stay at the retreat plays a role in the results you can expect to achieve. To alter a lifestyle, stop bad habits, and form a bond with your fellow visitors on the retreat, you might consider extended days at your fitness destination. For example, given that you may require a couple of days to build your workout rhythm, it’s recommended you stay for at least a week at the retreat to maximize the trip experience.

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