What Skills Do Kids Develop in Summer Equestrian Camps?

Equestrian camps bring thousands of kids together each summer to build their knowledge and appreciation for horses and the horse riding experience. If you’re planning on enrolling your child in a Texas equestrian camp this summer, you might be evaluating the camp options and considering the skills kids develop when they attend a local camp. The team of experienced equestrians at Rancho Cortez is here to guide you as we explain the skills your kids develop when they join local horse riding camps this summer.

Confidence in Their Abilities

Trainers at equestrian camps first teach kids the immense responsibility of riding a horse and then help them develop confidence in their ability to ride safely. Instilling confidence in young children can help them address other challenges as they grow. Rancho Cortez campers learn that equestrian camps at the ranch are a safe space in which they can overcome their fears through a nurturing approach to horse riding training.

Exceptional Focus

The speed and strength of horses require riders to build their focus as they align their body’s movements with the horse’s. During their camp, kids will learn the value of focus. They’ll learn the techniques experienced equestrians use to block out surrounding information while they ride so they can solely focus on controlling the animal and their movement.

Patience and Empathy

Patience and empathy are critical skills for young children to develop. Equestrian camps represent the ideal setting for the development of patience and understanding. Riders learn how to stay patient with the learning process and also with the horse as the horse adapts to their riding style. As riders get to know the animals, they build a strong bond and develop greater empathy as the connection grows with each horse riding lesson.

Persistence in Reaching Goals

Learning horse riding can be a physical and mental challenge. Horse riders face setbacks along the way, such as the horse not cooperating with them or feeling discomfort during a ride. During equestrian camp, kids learn to overcome these temporary challenges and develop greater resilience. This benefit will extend beyond their horseriding experiences, helping them navigate career and personal challenges as they harness their horseriding knowledge to progress and realize their goals.

Calmness Leading to Stress Relief

The data shows children are increasingly experiencing anxiety at young ages. It’s important not to overlook the benefits of focused and physical activity in relieving stress. While the bond between the horse and the child increases their self-esteem, equestrian camps also help provide children an outlet for anxiety and anxious thoughts. When they closely concentrate on their riding movement and experience, children may soon find they’re experiencing fewer anxious thoughts than before they begin riding.

Why Parents Book Bandera Equestrian Camps with Rancho Cortez

Rancho Cortez has become one of the leading horse riding camp services in the Texas Hill Country. Parents bring their young children from throughout San Antonio, Dallas, and across Texas to ensure they enjoy the camp experience of a lifetime here in Bandera. 

Parents choose Rancho Cortez for their child’s introduction to horse riding because:

  • The Ranch Hires Experienced Camp Supervisors

Each of our camp supervisors has undergone decades of training in teaching children to ride horses. Whether you’re selecting our barrel racing camps or our cowboy camps, you’ll discover we only hire qualified instructors ready to provide campers with complete attention and focus.

  • We Have Highly-Rated Equestrian Camp Services

Rancho Cortez continually receives the highest ratings for our equestrian camp services from visitors throughout Texas. Our reviews highlight how kids return from their camp experience with a new appreciation for horse riding.

  • Our Location is One-of-a-Kind

The tranquil surroundings of our Bandera ranch are a peaceful setting for making lifelong memories in Texas Hill Country. There are over 200 acres of wilderness for children to explore on horseback, with dedicated riding trails providing stunning views. Discover why Rancho Cortez is the leading Bandera dude ranch for horse riding camps over the coming months! Request more information about our horse riding camps for boys and girls by calling the ranch today at 830-796-9339 or contacting us online.

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