Cutty O'Leary

An Interview With Cutty O’Leary On Spending Weeks At The Fitness Camp

Bringing Cutty O’Leary From Boston To Rancho Cortez Cutty was looking at the website of Rancho Cortez for at least a month or two. Her first requirement was finding a place that was warmer than Boston. That certainly meant getting on a plane from Logan Airport. She say a ‘bit warmer’ humorously because Massachusetts to Southern Texas is a huge change.

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Changing Rules On Safety Over The 15 Year History

A History Of Rancho Cortez ​

Rancho Cortez was founded by the married couple Mary Cortez and Larry Cortez.  As of 2020, it has been fifteen years since Mary and Larry found the ranch.  In the beginning, it was Mary and Larry with their daughter, KD, and their son, Anthony, living together in Southern California. Their home was in the rural, ski resort town of Big

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Cowgirl Gym Class, Fitness Ranch

What to expect when you show up to a woman’s fitness camp

At Rancho Cortez, we run programs for 2 weeks to 60 days or longer.  Programs can also be tailored depending on how much time you have. We do not treat men and women any differently. We treat every person with the same care and give them space to take a class or go on a hike. What women come here

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Healthy Living at the Rancho Cortez

Rancho Cortez is a dude ranch and fitness ranch nestled in Bandera, Texas, considered to be the cowboy capital of the world. At the ranch, owner Mary Cortez and her staff help their clients get into the best shape of their lives through a rigorous program filled with healthy food, exercise, and learning how to make a healthy lifestyle last

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