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Jane Visits a Wellness Camp

Search for a Wellness Retreat: This past June after immense pain for 6 mos., I experienced a hip replacement surgery. Thus,for a large part of 2020 I was immobile. I am a consummate athlete typically working out everyday. So, to get back into a workout routine, I decided to treat myself and get out of Houston tosome sort of spa

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Weight Loss Camp

The Experience Of A Weight Loss Camp Guest At Our Texas Ranch

We are going to look at a single one of our fitness guests at Rancho Cortez. How they got here, what they did, and what they learned. We have chosen a man that became a Weight Loss Camp guest four separate times over a decade. This fitness guest at the ranch started their journey with an internet search. He did

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Savannah Bordelon

Teaching Barrel Racing Camp In Bandera Texas With Savannah

Savannah has been coming to Rancho Cortez for many years. She is one of the teachers of the barrel racing school that goes on at the ranch for 14 years. Along with her sister, Ashlyn, KD Cortez, and Larry Cortez they have taught dozen of young riders over the past year. Savannah started coming to the ranch to train 14

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Rachael Cohan Interviewed

Rachael Cohan Interviewed On Her Time At Rancho Cortez

Rachael Cohan found the ranch by searching on Google. Specifically, she searched for “Fitness Retreat Southeast”. This is because she wanted to be somewhere below the Mason-Dixon line. This search took her to Rancho Cortez was listed in Fit Stays and it seemed like the most compatible program for her. Showing Up At Rancho Cortez For Fitness Camp Rachael

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Kate Carter Interviewed

An Interview With Kate Carter On Fitness At Rancho Cortez

Kate Carter, How Did You Get To Find Rancho Cortez? Kate Carter was taking a semester off from school. She attends the University of Texas at Austin. She was in a depression and funk when she asked for help. It was her Grandmother that found Rancho Cortex to get back into shape. Kate guessed that she gained 50 pounds in

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Cutty O'Leary

An Interview With Cutty O’Leary On Spending Weeks At The Fitness Camp

Bringing Cutty O’Leary From Boston To Rancho Cortez Cutty was looking at the website of Rancho Cortez for at least a month or two. Her first requirement was finding a place that was warmer than Boston. That certainly meant getting on a plane from Logan Airport. She say a ‘bit warmer’ humorously because Massachusetts to Southern Texas is a huge change.

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